January 23, 2007

I've been knitting and reading. Rather boring on the surface, yes?

I'm wrapping up a hat in Manos for Rob; he picked a beautiful autumnal colorway I never would have selected for him myself. I had thought of the Manos as a bulky yarn, but it's more of a thick/thin. While it's lovely to handle, I could do without the constantly changing thickness.

I need to get knitting on some items for my talk to my Bible Study group. We're doing Cynthia Heald's Becoming a Woman of Freedom study and I've got the chapter on busyness. Can't imagine what I'd talk about having *never* suffered from busyness ::wink::

It's going to be a good one for me to study up on and find verses to encourage a more peaceful way to live, even if it's continuing to live in a busy world. I've lots of ideas and verses floating through I just need to get on to paper.

I finished Erik Larson's The Devil in the White City this weekend. Wonderful book - I loved the juxtaposition of the Chicago World's Fair (The White City) with the horrible things going on with H.H. Holmes (The Devil). It was a well-written account of a period I hadn't given much thought to regardless of knowing historical figures of the time. I found myself reading little bits out loud to Rob.

I also read Logan's Child by Lenora Worth. Not a book I bought for myself, it was a book passed on by my MIL who likely didn't read it herself. I originally thought it had been written in the 80's - Trixie, the female character, was innocent, unaware of things going on around her and that innocence used to keep her in the dark. I caught on quite early to the source of Logan's (the male character) anger - Trixie, though, remained in the dark until the last 50 pages or so. Blech. The book was actually published in 1998 so I expected a little more than I got. But the blatant emotionalism at the end *did* get to me and I shed a few tears. Still not a satifactory read overall, especially coming off the Larson book.

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