July 21, 2010

Quick update, anyone?

Well, I haven’t done what I thought I would several weeks ago which is write up the year so far. Books have continued to be read, a little bit of knitting continues to happen and I continue to allow other things to prevent me from blogging.

I have a book club meeting tomorrow – the first official “We’ve read a book and plan to discuss it” meeting. We chose C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce. Surprisingly, we didn’t have that on the bookshelf so off to Powell’s we went to remedy this glaring omission. (There are plenty of others we lack as well, but this was a definite necessity)

I enjoyed this quick-to-read book. I had been concerned I wouldn’t enjoy it, the possibility it would be a slog to read or that it just wouldn’t speak to me. Instead, I’ve found myself re-reading sections and thinking about past bible studies, my own personality when compared to the ghosts in the story and am very glad it was chosen. I’m looking forward to tonight’s discussion with the girls.

I’ve knit the second Whirligig shrug. The first was knit for a co-worker’s new daughter, the second for my youngest niece. I need to wash and dry them, sew a label into them and wrap them up all pretty for gifting.

We’ve done a little bit of yard work. This year I actually managed to put flowers into the two planters we have placed near the front door. We planted a fir in the front yard that’s likely to get rilly rilly big, but hey, since we don’t plan on living in the house another 30 years, it won’t be our problem.

All right, enough chatting. Back to work.

July 02, 2010

I'm still here . . . I think

Half the year is officially past and what do I have to show for it?

Well, I’ve read books in there. Just under 40, I think. Mostly fiction, but I did have a couple of non-fiction in there too. Most recent was a book about a company that provides “bio-remediation" or the removal of bio matter from scenes of death, violent or not. Very fascinating.

Some knitting. A couple of baby sweaters. Some dishcloths.

Working. Bible studies.

I have pictures and need to work up some real posts. It’s a long holiday weekend, so I think that’s what I’ll do.