February 26, 2007

It'll grow back, right?

** Deep breath **

I've signed up to be a shavee for Portland's St. Baldrick's fundraising event.

My company is putting a team together and I've put my name and picture out there as a participant. Clippers will meet with my mass o' hair on March 18th.

My personal goal is to raise $400, donate my hair to Locks of Love and actually knit a hat for myself.

That last part only makes sense when I tell you that in the four years I've been knitting, I have yet to knit anything for myself.

The picture to the right is my badge photo from work. See where my hair ends? It's grown since then and it's about 4-5 inches longer than it appears in this photo.

Am I a little nervous? Yep. But I'm kind of excited too. I get to start from square one with my hairstyle. My hair has started to want to curl, so I'm curious how it will grow out.

I think I'll be taking once a month photos to track the growth progress once it's gone. Look for a whole new picture of me on 3/18.

If you're interested in donating to help me reach my goal, click here to go to my St. Baldrick's webpage. (Mom & Kim, both of you said you would!)

February 13, 2007

It's been a little while since I last posted, so here's a little update:

Knitting - finished the knitting portion of the program for the Flower Basket Shawl and now have only the blocking part to do. I need to have FBS done for "show & tell" on Monday night. It's going to be part of my talk on busyness and how it can interfere in our Christian walk. The FBS is going to symbolize that busyness can be OK when your daily life shows less you and more of God and how His pattern shines through when you allow it. Since lace is how the absence of stitches highlights complexity rather than the stitches themselves, I really felt it would be a good example of how less of self allows God to shine through a person's life.

I also have one of the Cigar gloves done up to the point of needing to separate the thumb stitches to work on the hand. And I casted on (again!) for a pair of socks from my ball of Opal Tiger, this time on #2 needles. The socks were cast on because I needed something simple to work on while traveling to a wedding. They also came out at the reception and led to a lovely conversation with another knitter.

Reading - I added a few more books to the sidebar, 4 of which were read in the last week or so. Loved the Wheaton book. Grabbed Embroidered Truths as a quick easy read, and then got sucked into reading through some of my Krentz books as well. I'm trying to finish up the Weaver book, have another one waiting to be read before Monday and I'm grabbing little bits here and there of War Reporting for Cowards.

Now, since all you've gotten is a shopping list update of my knitting and reading habits, here's a quick pic of the nephew. He's wearing the Hot Head beanie I made him and watching Cars.
Hot Head Hat