December 31, 2004

Starting Anew

It's the last day of 2004 and I need to get ready to implement my PLAN.

* Increase my exercise. Since my level is currently at ZERO, increasing it shouldn't be too difficult. I'll be adding walking during the day at work and I've got to get my lazy self out of bed to do my Firm dvds.

* Eat healthy. Back to the WW recipes I enjoy, add more veggies to the diet, drink my water. Take my time eating to allow me to enjoy my food and avoid overeating.

* Read more. I have several new books to read (Thanks Kim!)and want to cruise NPR's site and the ALA's site regularly for new ideas. I'll be supporting my local library more this year by borrowing rather than buying. (And yes, we did support our local library levy this year). Rob & I also going to do the "Read the Bible in 1-year" plan from our church.

* Knit something for me. Don't know what yet, but there will be something for me this year coming off of my needles.

* Blog more. Already trying to sit down at the computer at least 2x a week to do an entry. Even got the Sis to do her own (check out Do Bee Do in the sidebar). Now I've got Rob thinking about doing a family site as well.

Looking forward to the new year! Happy 2005!

December 27, 2004

Starting Over

See below? This was the beginnings of the Berry Freeze for Mom. That's the back. I picked up the needles to get the front done yesterday. I have NO idea what size needles I used, but that is some DENSE knitting. I can't recreate it, so I'm going to frog it. I've restarted on circulars and re-doing it to avoid the seams. It goes at a pace of 1" per hour and my goal is to finish it this week.

Thank goodness I'm not working this week!

More shots when the sun comes up for my new progress.

December 24, 2004

I'm mentioned!

Yay!!! I got a mention on Norma's blog entry for today. She's knitting some Fuzzy Feet and wanted feedback yesterday and I'm mentioned today!

Woo hoooo!

Last of the knitted gifts

These are the last of the knitted gifts: more slippers for Kendra, Khylee and Mom. Once again, Lamb's pride for the Mary Jane style and Quattro for the slippers.

I'm so glad to be done with the knitting for Christmas. Now I can get on to finishing Mom's Berry Freeze. It's only half done & I'd like to have it done in time for her to take to Phoenix for her marathon.

Merry Christmas!

Slippers, part 1

These are the first of 6 pairs of felted ballerina slippers. These are for my sister Chris and her daughters, Samantha and Katherine. I used Cascade Quattro for Chris' and Lamb's Pride for the girls. I like the thickness of the Lamb's Pride, but love the colors in Chris's slippers. They are a blue and purple blend.

Borg scarves: 10 of 12

These are the last of the scarves; the ends were woven in this morning. 2 in Plymouth Encore, 2 in Lion Brand's Wool-Ease, 1 in Baby Alpaca, 2 in Lamb's Pride bulky, 2 in Microspun and one in Horstia's silk & wool blend. We're delivering all but 4 tonight to their recepients. 2 will need to be mailed to Nebraska and my Dad and brother will receive theirs tomorrow.


December 19, 2004

5 days and counting

Well, only 1 more scarf and a pair of slippers to knit and I'm done with the knitting portion of my Christmas program. Still need to weave in the ends on the other scarves and felt the remaining 3 prs of slippers. I'm glad I decided to knit for all of the adults and tiny kids this year, but next year if I decide to do this again, I'm starting in July.

We have our tree up and we have the ornaments under it. Notice the "under," and not "on?" We are definitely lazy around here this year.

December 14, 2004

Playing catch-up

It's been over a month since I last posted?!

Well, have all but 2 scarves done and that includes 2 extra scarves knit for my mom to give as gifts. Also knitted a quick baby sweater for Tammy who left for Japan (she's expecting!) on Nov 20th.

Have 3 pairs of slippers done and have started on the remaining 3 pairs.

Knit a hat for Erin. Knit-Wits kit. Didn't have enough to do the hat to pattern so had to do some quick thinking for the last two rows. She loves it, so it was worth it.

Bought some really, really cool Eco-Wool - it feels luscious. It's in the ecru color and I'm pondering what to make with it.

Since I'm seeing the end in sight for Christmas and the year 2004, I've decided to make some changes:

1. Adding exercise to my routine. My mom's family is partial to diabetes (Hispanic, female, apple shaped bodies) and I need to get my weight down. Exercise is part of the change.
2. Cook from healthier recipes. Better planning, more fruits, more veggies, more water.
3. Read a minimum of 2 books a month. My reading has been slacking off and I want to push myself to read more than my standard authors list. So I'm checking out NPR, my library and other sites to expand my list.
4. Knit something in 2005 for ME. That's right, ME. I've been knitting over 2 years now and nothing has remained with me for my enjoyment. I'm thinking to start small with some felted slippers or a bag.
5. Hold myself accountable to the above. I'm going to ask my sister Kim to monitor me and hold me accountable. She can call, email or better yet check the blog for #6 on the list . . .
6. Post more often. At least 2x a week since I want accountability. Learn to post pics, expand my writing abilities and just let loose in blogland.

That's a lot and I'm going to have to dig out a calendar and update it with my new plan. The above aren't resolutions. Collectively, they're a PLAN.