December 31, 2004

Starting Anew

It's the last day of 2004 and I need to get ready to implement my PLAN.

* Increase my exercise. Since my level is currently at ZERO, increasing it shouldn't be too difficult. I'll be adding walking during the day at work and I've got to get my lazy self out of bed to do my Firm dvds.

* Eat healthy. Back to the WW recipes I enjoy, add more veggies to the diet, drink my water. Take my time eating to allow me to enjoy my food and avoid overeating.

* Read more. I have several new books to read (Thanks Kim!)and want to cruise NPR's site and the ALA's site regularly for new ideas. I'll be supporting my local library more this year by borrowing rather than buying. (And yes, we did support our local library levy this year). Rob & I also going to do the "Read the Bible in 1-year" plan from our church.

* Knit something for me. Don't know what yet, but there will be something for me this year coming off of my needles.

* Blog more. Already trying to sit down at the computer at least 2x a week to do an entry. Even got the Sis to do her own (check out Do Bee Do in the sidebar). Now I've got Rob thinking about doing a family site as well.

Looking forward to the new year! Happy 2005!

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