July 07, 2007

Catching Up

Yikes, I looked at the date from the last post for this blog. I'm cringing at the thought of all of the things that have gone on and no mention here. Well, let's get caught up, shall we?

Let's see, I still haven't taken a picture of Shedir and I've set aside the kitchen curtain. I started a scarf in Karabella Breeze, a luscious cashmere/silk blend, knitting on size 4s. It's my "I've got nothing else to do" knit. At roughly 2 feet long, I still have a bit to go. It was a Spring Breeze Scarf kit I bought at last year's Stitch N Pitch in Seattle from Hilltop Yarn.

I did get a little Top Down Bonnet done in Tahki Cotton Classic for a baby. Still have the hat though. Hmm, kid's probably outgrown it by now. I haven't embroidered a face yet, so I'll set this aside and decide later.

I did get pictures though of some other yarn:
Washcloths with Soap2Washcloths with Soap1

I had a bunch of soaps from Mom and a variety of Peaches & Cream purchased without thought. But a group of June & July birthdays were coming up for my ministries team and it all came out for grouping. I only bought 2 additional plain white skeins.

This is what resulted:
8 dishcloths ready for giving

Each woman received 2 coordinating washcloths with a bar of soap. They were gifted in plastic Chinese take-out boxes from the Dollar Tree. You can see 3 of the boxes in the left photo above.

I've also finished a 5-hour Baby Boy Sweater. It's knit in Reynolds Utopia and I need to seam up the sleeves (I couldn't figure out how to make the suggested slip stitch closure to avoid cutting the yarn look good enough for me) before I take a picture. This *will* go to the baby not getting the anime hat.

But I also need to start on Miss Samantha's birthday gift:
Brown & Pink by Samantha
This is her drawing of the ideal blanket for this year's birthday gift. So I have yarn to haul out, patterns to peruse and a blanket to complete by the end of July.

But I've also been reading when not knitting. I'm caught up on the JD Robb series, read a Kathy Reichs book, enjoyed Brady Udall's The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint and read a few others. I'm now at 60 books this year. I could back off to 1 a month to stay with last year's number, but that's not likely. So we'll see where it goes from here.

And to close for the grandparents, pics of the grandkids from their auntie:
Cousins 2Cousins 1
Piggyback with UncleAuntie dips the Boy