October 27, 2005

Starting Over (Again)

Yesterday was weigh-in at WeightWatchers. *sigh* I've been stagnating around the same weight for weeks! I hit 182.4 back on July 27th. My weight yesterday? 182.2. My progress in 13 weeks? 0.2 pounds.

When I started WW back in April, my starting weight was 197.6 and I was excited to get back on program (this is my 3rd time) and get down to around 140. WW wants your first goal to be to lose 10% of your current weight. That made my first goal to be 19 lbs. At this time, I've lost 15.4 so I only have less than 4 more to reach my 10% goal and earn the freakin' key chain thingy.

Anyhoo, I've got to get back on track. I wasn't tracking my points well (or at all) and I've got to take another look at the meals we're making. They're obviously not too bad since I've essentially maintained for the last 3 months. And *gulp* I've got to add in exercise.

Part of the drive for the do-over is that I'm feeling left behind on the weight loss front and I know it's totally my fault. My sis is doing LA Weight Loss and we're in a supportive competition, the kind only good sisters can do, and she's coming up rapidly on me. Three friends at work have collectively lost 100 pounds, individually it ranges from 30 to 40 pounds. (And in case K, R or S is reading this, I'm proud of each of you and in no way am I trying undermine the very hard work you've been doing - you guys are inspiring in that annoying way good friends can be without pissing you off)

So, today was the beginning of my new start and what a start I got off to! First, I missed my train stop (I was reading KnitLit the Third), then the train that was immediately heading back to my stop left before I had a chance to hop on. Since a woman on the train reminded me they leave every 15 minutes, I figured that if I waited for the next one, I'd miss my shuttle. Let's see . . . it's 6:55am, if the train leaves in 15 min, that's 7:10 and the shuttle leaves at 7:12, but there's a stop between the station I'm at and the one I'm supposed to be at so that spells disaster.

So what to do? How 'bout deciding to walk back to the shuttle location? So I take off walking quickly and wishing I'd decided to wear my Sauconys rather than my Keds. I'd just passed the middle station when a TRAIN WENT BY IN THE DIRECTION I WANTED TO GO. Has it been 15 minutes? NO. If I'd stopped at the station & caught it would I be on time? YES. Was I screwed? PROBABLY. What to do? Keep walking.

Missed my shuttle (I saw it go by as I was coming up to the cross street), had to wait another 30 minutes before they came back around and almost missed that one because they weren't used to seeing me that late. What did I learn? Check the schedules carefully myself, wear comfortable walking shoes and KNIT instead of reading.

But this started out as a knitting blog and I'm going to stop the whining. For now.

As you can see from the photo below, I had cast-on and started the Christmas mittens as part of Sandy's knitalong.Starting Christmas 2005 mittens

I say "had cast-on" because I've ripped them off and will be restarting the mittens. Going up a needle size (I'd started on #2s) and I'm going to put a pink heart on each palm of her mittens. I'll do a purple set with pink hearts for another niece.

When I've finally got it started, I'll show you.

October 23, 2005

I knew I was royalty

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

A strong-willed herald of causes against injustice, you passionately strive to right the wrongs around you.

Somebody has to save our skins!

Leia is a character in the Star Wars universe. See her character entry at the Star Wars Databank for more information.

(Although the husband would say I was more of a royal pain. Found this over at Theresa's blog.)

October 22, 2005

Look! Actual knitting!

Changes again around Yarn Pig. I figure the sis will be the first to complain about me not leaving things be. (I move the furniture around at least 4 times a year but not the same room)

To deflect her, I offer this:
Tribble with Khylie's sweater Particulars anyone? Caron Simply Soft Brites in Watermelon with Friends Mustachio in Cherry on the sleeves. Pattern #8 in FCEK Holiday 2002 for a bolero jacket. Knit with the Caron held doubled to get gauge on #9 needles. Used my Denise set for this.

The sweater knit for this lovely niece:
Khylie dancing
In this photo, Khylie is groovin' during her birthday party and judging by her face, she's already enjoyed her lunch.

I have been making progress with the socks for Socktoberfest.Socktober 2005 socks
I'm actually working the toe on the 2nd sock and should finish it this weekend. As you can see by my knitting corner, the good Dr helps me out. This is Knit Picks Sock Garden in Daffodil on #3 needles. Nice knit, I'm enjoying this yarn.

There are other pictures to share. But we'll drag them out a little.

October 18, 2005

Just another sheep

Yeah, I'm a joiner. Not a leader. I'm happy to do some small group leading, but take the lead and do it all start to finish? Nope, not a comfortable fit.

So knowing that about myself and also knowing that I need prodding to get some things done, I've joined two online groups.

Socktoberfest! Lolly's got almost two hundred people working on socks this month. I've tossed my hat into the ring as well. I've got a pair going - one done and the second sock on the needles and another pair I want to have done for a gift for a friend. To show my very real intent, I've added the button in my sidebar.

And the other? A Mitten-Along at Sandy's. I've got mittens planned for the nieces anyway so this will also keep me on track.

October 17, 2005

Quick post

This meme is all over the place so what the heck! Type in your name + needs into Google and list the first 10 results. I checked out what most people call me followed by my given name so you'll see two sets of results below. And yeah, I did some skipping since some of it didn't really fit the name+needs.

Gina Needs:
1. a makeover (no kidding)
2. to be interruptible by WinLogon
3. to listen for custom SAS events on another thread
4. a man in her life (got one, thanks!)
5. to be able to reach out to him (I'll try harder)
6. to get some d*ck before she rips somebody's head off (see 4 & 5 above)
7. a diverse group of hairdressers (maybe they can come up with a better style)
8. needs to abandon beginning sentences with "Presently"
9. a severe reprimand
10. someone to talk Girl Talk to

Regina needs:
1. overtime to defeat Huskies (dontcha love sports?)
2. $30000 to save the family home
3. no introduction
4. money to invest in a business with her brothers
5. to set aside time to exercise (yes, I know)
6. 6 points to secure third place
7. your support!
8. to win to keep in the hunt for the 4th playoff spot
9. advice from Julia on a tax question
10. someone who bring handcuffs as well as roses (I'll mention that to Rob)