June 25, 2006

Still here!

So, March was my last post? Yipes! Let's see, what's happened since then?

Erin got her driver's license in April? May? Doesn't matter really, since it's all we can do to deal with the reality that she's a *licensed driver*, people! Actually, she's pretty good and gets better with each drive.

She also got accepted into the Running Start program and will be attending community college in the fall while still a junior in high school. We were brainstorming ideas for transportation when she decided to move *back* in with us. So, we have another in the house again. No biggie. She was only gone for 4 months tops.

Sean graduated from HS. Barely. He's working full time and we're praying continually he'll step up to the responsibilities of being an adult. He's going to have a rough road ahead of him if he doesn't, so keep him in your prayers.

Rob's been doing OK. He just went to see a Mariner's game on Father's Day. The Woolbright men went and had a blast. They rode tour buses up (courtesy of the alumni event tickets Rob bought), ate lots of junk, enjoyed a win sitting up behind home plate (300 level, but a great view) and had the fun of *not* driving back. We'll be going back up in July for another game for the Stitch & Pitch.

In August, we'll head down to San Diego for a visit with the 'rents. Mom scored tickets to the Chargers-Packers game and Rob's indebted now. We'll visit, see the sights, head back and then I'll fly out to Chicago to visit the sis.

I *have* been knitting. Finished socks for Rebecca, two little hats for a new grand-niece (yes, at 36 I have a grand-niece courtesy of Rob's family), a sample tank for KnitPicks, a Trellis sweater for a co-worker's baby, clogs for Rob and Erin.

Got a new digital camera, but I still need to load the software so I can show the pictures we have been taking.

Whew. It got up to 100 today and now at 8:30pm it's still 88 out. I'm going to get some sherbet and sit in front of the air conditioner.