October 18, 2005

Just another sheep

Yeah, I'm a joiner. Not a leader. I'm happy to do some small group leading, but take the lead and do it all start to finish? Nope, not a comfortable fit.

So knowing that about myself and also knowing that I need prodding to get some things done, I've joined two online groups.

Socktoberfest! Lolly's got almost two hundred people working on socks this month. I've tossed my hat into the ring as well. I've got a pair going - one done and the second sock on the needles and another pair I want to have done for a gift for a friend. To show my very real intent, I've added the button in my sidebar.

And the other? A Mitten-Along at Sandy's. I've got mittens planned for the nieces anyway so this will also keep me on track.

1 comment:

Lolly said...

Glad you joined the Socktoberfest! :)