October 17, 2005

Quick post

This meme is all over the place so what the heck! Type in your name + needs into Google and list the first 10 results. I checked out what most people call me followed by my given name so you'll see two sets of results below. And yeah, I did some skipping since some of it didn't really fit the name+needs.

Gina Needs:
1. a makeover (no kidding)
2. to be interruptible by WinLogon
3. to listen for custom SAS events on another thread
4. a man in her life (got one, thanks!)
5. to be able to reach out to him (I'll try harder)
6. to get some d*ck before she rips somebody's head off (see 4 & 5 above)
7. a diverse group of hairdressers (maybe they can come up with a better style)
8. needs to abandon beginning sentences with "Presently"
9. a severe reprimand
10. someone to talk Girl Talk to

Regina needs:
1. overtime to defeat Huskies (dontcha love sports?)
2. $30000 to save the family home
3. no introduction
4. money to invest in a business with her brothers
5. to set aside time to exercise (yes, I know)
6. 6 points to secure third place
7. your support!
8. to win to keep in the hunt for the 4th playoff spot
9. advice from Julia on a tax question
10. someone who bring handcuffs as well as roses (I'll mention that to Rob)

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