September 18, 2005

Sunday, sunday, sunday

It's a quiet Sunday morning here at Chez Yarn Pig. Everyone's asleep except for me and the dog. Rob's sleeping hard after a few less than stellar nights of solid sleep, Kruz is sleeping again after his 5am call for room service and the cats, well, they're sleeping again because that's just what they do. In fact, the photo below from yesterday afternoon was more sleeping.
Napping buddies

Rob & I will have Kruz until Monday night when his parents return from their trip to California for a friend's wedding. I have to say, he's a good kid. He's willing to watch SportsCenter with Rob, lets his auntie tickle him and generally stays put. Although that may be going away too quickly.
Kruz with College Game Day

See this photo? He started at Point A (Minnie Mouse) and ended up at Point B (under the table). He's scooting backwards or rolling over to where he wants to go. He's pushing himself up on his knees and toes and it won't be long before it all comes together and he's crawling. Yikes! The cats won't be safe then!

Not that Tribble will let him too close. As long as he's reasonably quiet, she's OK with his presence. If he's crying for lack of A) a dry diaper, B) food in his baby buddha belly or C) painless tooth cutting, then she's wandering around growling and avoiding him.

---Later in the morning---

Everyone's up now and had their breakfast. Football is on the tube and the guys have their beverage of choice.

Last Sunday we were on the road to Tri-Cities to meet up with Rob's extended family. Nice drive, good food, great people. The kids had a nice time with family (that's them with Rob's mom below).Kids with Gramma Bonnie

They slept on the way home and we *had* to get the pictures of them sleeping.
Sean SleepingErin completely zonked

Did I knit? You betcha.

Well, the Colts are now playing and I've got a sweater to cast on as a gift for Khylie's 3rd birthday.

Oh! Almost forgot! Stay off the roads

Erin now has a driver's permit. Beware.

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