December 14, 2004

Playing catch-up

It's been over a month since I last posted?!

Well, have all but 2 scarves done and that includes 2 extra scarves knit for my mom to give as gifts. Also knitted a quick baby sweater for Tammy who left for Japan (she's expecting!) on Nov 20th.

Have 3 pairs of slippers done and have started on the remaining 3 pairs.

Knit a hat for Erin. Knit-Wits kit. Didn't have enough to do the hat to pattern so had to do some quick thinking for the last two rows. She loves it, so it was worth it.

Bought some really, really cool Eco-Wool - it feels luscious. It's in the ecru color and I'm pondering what to make with it.

Since I'm seeing the end in sight for Christmas and the year 2004, I've decided to make some changes:

1. Adding exercise to my routine. My mom's family is partial to diabetes (Hispanic, female, apple shaped bodies) and I need to get my weight down. Exercise is part of the change.
2. Cook from healthier recipes. Better planning, more fruits, more veggies, more water.
3. Read a minimum of 2 books a month. My reading has been slacking off and I want to push myself to read more than my standard authors list. So I'm checking out NPR, my library and other sites to expand my list.
4. Knit something in 2005 for ME. That's right, ME. I've been knitting over 2 years now and nothing has remained with me for my enjoyment. I'm thinking to start small with some felted slippers or a bag.
5. Hold myself accountable to the above. I'm going to ask my sister Kim to monitor me and hold me accountable. She can call, email or better yet check the blog for #6 on the list . . .
6. Post more often. At least 2x a week since I want accountability. Learn to post pics, expand my writing abilities and just let loose in blogland.

That's a lot and I'm going to have to dig out a calendar and update it with my new plan. The above aren't resolutions. Collectively, they're a PLAN.

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