October 27, 2004

Crappy day

I should be getting into bed, but can't because my thoughts keep going round and round. It was definitely a day from h*ll.

First off, there was a layoff at work. OK, I can handle this, right? After all I've worked there almost 4 years and managed to survive 5 others. I hoped I wouldn't be impacted; the rumours had been running hot and heavy for a few weeks that it was coming, but I didn't figure on this week. One of the supervisors in another department was killed in an auto accident Sunday on her way home, so this was already a bad week for a lot of people.

It was about 11% worldwide. A lot of good people were let go including 2 women who I worked with a great deal. One in my department and another in a parallel department. I cried both times and still feel a lot of grief.

Then we had a discussion with Erin about her jeans and our feelings about them. In a nutshell, we feel they're too tight, too small and we're not thrilled to see crack on a regular basis. She feels that they're fine, others will be too loose and was pretty defensive. Can't blame her since I'd feel the same way in her jeans.

We offered a deal that I thought would work, and we were probably thisclose to sealing the deal (final say on jeans in exchange for a cell phone for as long as she had the phone) when I opened my mouth and said if she didn't take it, then I'd change out her jeans anyway without her say so. Bad move and not really what I want. I just feel frustrated.

So now she's ticked and Rob thinks she'd move back to her mom's over it (something I certainly didn't think of until he mentioned it) and now I'm upset over it. I really do think that she and I could find a middle ground. Something she liked and I was comfortable with. We managed before with the Old Navy capris (and she looks great in them BTW) so I figure a couple hours of frustration for us both would probably yield gold somewhere.

I don't want to think about her moving. I love having her here with us on a daily basis. She's smart, funny, likes things we like and her addition to our home is something we enjoy.

Work is going to be painful enough trying to take over T's duties in addition to my own, my boss just got promoted which means more work for all of us including her, trying to figure out what S did for the engineers and work it into my duties as well and deal with the emotional stuff going on at home too.

If this evening is an indicator of the near future, I can just tell tomorrow is going to be another crappy day.

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