September 30, 2006

Catching up

So, I've been to California and Chicago, finished a couple pairs of socks, read a few books, knit on a gift, had another child move in, changed job functions, rearranged book cases . . . ummm . . . done other things I'll think of later since we last talked.

Below is a photo of the sisters and mom taken in Chicago. We were standing around by the car in the parking lot of a Container Store. 

Why were we standing in a parking lot? Well, Mom & Kim (wearing pink and navy respectively) had gone to put the shopping bags into Kim's car. Chris (in light blue) and I headed to the Office Max/Depot (can't remember which) to look for a couple of things for Kim's apartment.

Mom came to find us so we could call AAA.

Apparently, while loading the car, my sister's purse was placed into the back seat out of the way by Mom. Once everything was loaded, Kim shut the trunk and ended up shutting us out of the car. She had unlocked ONLY the trunk and the keys were in her purse. 

See her purse?

The first guy AAA sent out couldn't unlock the Beetle Kim drives. We called AAA and they decided to send a locksmith. On a Sunday. They said they'd call when one was on the way.

No call.

Eventually one did show up (after we'd decided to cab it back into the city to get the spare keys). He popped it open to a round of applause and we immediately headed out to lunch.

Lurve my AAA.

We did manage to exit her apartment (pictures and story to come later) and do a little shopping and sight-seeing. Here's my obligatory tourist photo of the Bean.

Kim? This one is for you - the promised picture from Khylee.

And I swear the box is on the way! Yes, I a lame-o and you could have starved to death before getting the promised pasta packages or run out of gas or whatever.

But look at your niece! She loves her Auntie Kimmy! Disney goodness from a beloved niece is on the way!

Forgive me yet?

More knitting goodness on the way! Posted by Picasa

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