July 23, 2006

12 business days and counting


We're off on Wednesday, Aug 9 and headed here to begin our time off. We'll see some frogs, some scenery and what Rob's looking forward to - trees.

After a couple of days, we'll head to San Diego to see Mom & Dad. Rob's not big on touristy stuff, so we're not likely to see Shamu. However, M&D live only a few blocks from Balboa Park so we'll check it out. Probably go sailing one day. Rob would like to see Hell Week if it's going on.

OK, the main reason to go? Tickets to see the Packers play.

We'll get back, have a day at home and then Rob will go to work and I'll head out to Chicago to see the sis. But this isn't just a regular trip. Nope. Kim will be hosting her mom and 2 sisters at the same time. All four of us together for a few days so we're going to set the town on fire.

Just a brief post, I need to finish a sweater for a niece's birthday. Pictures to come.

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