July 11, 2006

Work sucks.

Not enough time in the day to do anything beyond the basics and even then, it feels like only half of those. A co-worker is going out on vacation for 4 days and while we're splitting his duties among the rest of us, there are only 4 in our department and only 3 that do actual work. So his vacation means there will be only 2 of us holding down the fort. Ugh.

Below is a pic of the Trellis sweater I knit for a co-worker's first child. She was always wearing cabled sweaters so this made sense to me. It's knit in Bernat's Cotton Tots. Picture courtesy of my camera phone.

Zach J's sweater

Did I mention the new desk we bought a few months ago? Ikea's Mikael. Love, love, love it. Allows me to put tons of stuff around without cluttering it up too much.
new desk

You can see photos of the nieces and nephew, our wedding photo, the turtle planter I've had for over 20 years (Thanks, Mom!) and the little tortilla basket we use for office supplies.

And Mom, here's another grandson fix:
please no pictures

Art was changing him into clothes to go play in the water and Kruz looked bored with the whole process.

I noticed I'd forgotten to add a book to the list: Happily Ever After by Susan May Warren. Christian romance. I'm trying to branch out and read different authors and that includes more Christian writers. This was fun, interesting and enjoyable. Not a review to get you to pick it up, huh? Well, I liked the bookstore/coffee shop setting, the struggle with the main characters to accept God's grace for themselves even as they encouraged the other's faith (gosh, not something I struggle with at all *wink*) and that the characters felt compelled to hide portions of themselves even though they longed to pour out these areas of themselves and have them accepted. Don't we all wish for that unconditional acceptance and love from someone? Thankfully, we have God filling that very tall order.

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