January 25, 2005


I'm still slogging away on Mom's sweater (the back is finished and I'm working on the front). But I set it aside to work on a 5-hr baby sweater for my niece who's expecting a girl in early February. I'm not knitting with any kind of speedy enthusiasm so it will definitely take longer than 5 hours.

I'm re-reading another Nora Roberts book, need to go the library to return 3 books and pick up several more, go grocery shopping, make dinner, watch some of the shows on TiVo to clear up some space and finish filing all the stuff on the floor of the den.

Rob's been sick and has stayed home the last couple of days from work. Doctor told him it's a bad cold with possible bronchitis infection, but no drugs since he wasn't running a fever. With any luck the TheraFlu is helping with the worst of it and he can go back tomorrow.

I'm planning to go to E-burg to babysit my sister's 2 daughters in February. I'll be there for 4 nights and I'm thinking I want to read a chapter book to them while I'm there. Something long enough to last the entire visit or short enough to be re-read at least once. Any suggestions?

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