January 22, 2005

Mixed Blessings

It's been a mix of a week here.

Good: Tuesday Rob went to the Polk Cty courthouse to review his paperwork to change the child custody and support with the X. They'd filled out the paperwork themselves and Rob sent it in, but someone called and said, Nope, not filled out right. So down he went to review it and someone else told him it was filled out correctly the first time. We should be hearing something back as early as next week.

OK: Work was better this week. I wasn't struggling as much to stay focused and working on the important things. Which is good because I don't want to have another 1:1:1 with my manager and her boss. Nothing bad, just uncomfortable in trying to understand why my performance had been lacking of late.

Bad: Our water heater is leaking. Rob's replaced one of the valves thinking that was the issue, but it's still leaking. So, it's looking like we're going to have to shell out for a new one. We could really use the money for other things, but hot water is highly important in my book.

I've done a little more knitting on the Berry Freeze, but I'm going to have to set it aside to crank out a baby sweater for a shower on the 29th.

I also need to work on my Bible study - Trusting God (Even When Life Hurts). It's been soooo helpful. I've found myself praying more and being thankful that God is truly in charge of ALL things and He's working for the good of His people in ALL ways, at ALL times. We don't know His plans and even the bad things that happen are for our ultimate benefit. That's the difficult one, you know? We want a HUMAN understanding of God, and He's not human. He's GOD.

But the best thing I learned in last Monday's study? God is so in control of the entire universe that even Satan can't harm us unless GOD ALLOWS IT. Even Satan is subject to His will. That is so incredibly awesome, it puts a smile on my face. Just read Job to see that in action. I'm really looking forward to this week.

Well, the hubby's not feeling well and I'm hungry so I'm signing out. Time to eat more, knit more and watch Shaun of the Dead with Ben & Jerry. YUM!

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