January 30, 2005

So, here's Smudge in his favorite spot - lounging on our bed. Twice as big as Tribble and now 6 years old. We got him our first year of marriage and he's been great. Well, other than the food issues.

He was doing fine with dry food, then started throwing it up. Switched to Friskies wet, and eventually started throwing that up (we thought about re-naming him Chuck at this point). We switched to Science Diet wet and he did well, but each time my parents' animals came over, we had to hide their dry food because he'd get into it and, you guessed it, throw up.

But now he's on Nutro dry. Keeping it down and doing well. Litterbox smell is down too (I'd actually typed doo, not too). We are *loving* it. Less expensive than the wet, better food with fewer additives and he gets to think he's pulling one on us.

Man, we love our cats. I just wonder how they'll do when Rob finally decides on a dog.

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