September 06, 2004

Progress? What progress?

I've been sooo lazy. I haven't posted. I haven't knit (much). I've got to kick it back into gear. Although I did manage to finish one of the Christmas scarves. One down, 7 to go!

Erin's settling in. That great sucking sound you hear is our bank balance draining away with the cost of outfitting our high school freshman for the upcoming year. Cross-country shoes & togs, fees, school clothes, new backpack and school supplies. And school doesn't officially start until tomorrow.

And let's not mention the 2 skeins of Noro bought to do a kitty bed from Wendy's site ( It blew the little budget I'd wanted to spend when I took her to the Yarn Garden, but hey, what cost can you place on a bonding experience?

I need desperately to finish a project. Mom's Berry Freeze is languishing. 4 inches to go on the front and I still have the back to do! The little sweater for Uyen's boy Kody is still on the needles. The sleeves need a few more inches, and then I can start the finish work. I still need to weave in the ends on the scarf and I have the 7 other scarves to do, 4 pairs of felted slippers, 2 pairs of socks, a sweater for my sister, Rob's sweater, Erin's Rogue, 2 blankets, Dad's Aran sweater, 2 baby sweaters. And no where in there is a project for me. Maybe I'll weave in the ends on the socks I finished earlier this year and call those mine. How lame.

But, knitting will need to work in and around the rest of my schedule. Work is starting to get hectic with only 7 weeks until we go live with our new planning system. I've agreed to be a team leader for our upcoming women's bible study on Monday nights. Craft night will be starting up this Thursday at our house. This weekend I've got to pick up the table and chairs from Chris and Jim this weekend, pick up M&D for the Race for the Cure, go to church and finish cleaning my house.

I'd been feeling bored at work, concerned about my spiritual life and wondering how to make changes in my home. I'd better be more careful of what I wish for.

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