September 25, 2004

Work & Life Interfere with Knitting

Work is definitely picking up as we get ready to go into live testing with our new system. It's meant driving myself in more than riding the train. While I appreciate the extra sleep, I miss the time sitting, knitting and reading.

I've managed to finish 2.75 scarves so far. I only have 6" to go on the third. I like the pattern, but it's taking way too long to complete. So it's back to the basketweave for the rest of the mens scarves.

We're heading up to the Seattle-SF game on Sunday. Luckily, we're not driving. We're riding on a tour bus up and back so there's 6 hrs of knitting. Yay! I'll need to work on lengthening the sleeves of Miss S's cardigan; they were just an inch too short, so I'll be adding 2" for growth as well.

Chris & I are making plans for our families for Thanksgiving. We were going to do Seaside, but it's full, so we're off to Blaine instead. The nice thing is that we'll be close to Vancouver, a ferry ride from Victoria and close to Bellingham as well. It'll be a nice getaway for us all.

Art finally called me and we had a nice long chat. He & Kendra are expecting again and everything so far is good. They've made it past the critical part and they are excited. They aren't going to find out the sex and that gives me free rein on what to make for the new baby. Probably a blanket since I could kick out a small one quickly. Or a sweater. Hmm, some thought's going to go into that!

I've been doing more reading of the blogs than posting. I'm going to need to come up with a schedule since I like the idea of journaling. I'm trying to get more organization into my life and I've dusted off the Day-Timer and will begin using it.

With Erin in Cross Country, the new bible study, a possible LIFE group for DH & I and various projects going on, organization is going to be key.

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