August 17, 2004

I've made definite progress on the Berry Freeze. I'm now working on removing some of that progress since I finally measured my mom. She's petite and I'm tinking back about an inch. Tinking rather than frogging due to the pattern.

Erin and I have been to Michael's a couple of times to get her some kitchen cotton. She enjoys casting on and knitting away. She's done a couple of washcloths and is working on a second no-larger-than-a-handtowel blanket for her kitten. Of course, Smack is only 2.5 weeks old so the size works well. She's a beauty and has been doing well with the bottle feeding.

I showed Erin the kitty beds over at the inspirational Wendy's. I think it's going to inspire her to try a project beyond garter stitch. I've offered to help with the DPN portion until she's comfortable with it. But I foresee companionable trips to the LYS in the future.

I'm also starting my holiday list. It's so long! I'm going to need to figure out if we're gifting all the siblings or just the ones we draw in the exchange. Hats, scarves, socks, washclothes with handmade soap (not by me!). I'm going to need to put together a shopping list.

I just love the thought of all that lovely yarn.

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