July 14, 2004

Making progress

Progress on so many fronts.

I managed to get the shoulder seams complete and one of the sleeves started over the weekend. I was knitting today at lunch and realized I didn't have my tool bag with me, so I'm missing the smaller needles I need to finish the cuff. Now I have nothing to do on the train home! I'll have finish it tonight and start the 2nd sleeve tonight.

Kim & I got off to a good start getting her packed up. Her original departure date was set for Aug 3rd. I'm still counting down to that date, so we're looking at 20 days left. I've got Thurs & Fri off and we're going to be packing fiends. She's going to move first and send for her stuff later. Good thing we don't use the garage for anything but storage.

Didn't get much done over the weekend except the packing and a Maroon5/John Mayer concert. Loved the concert. Interesting clothing choices all around us. Now, we're not fashion plates (not at our size), but we are fans of What Not to Wear and we hope we're a little more aware of the impressions we leave. Ahhh, the arrogance of youth.

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