July 09, 2004

So tired

Tonight is the last (yes, LAST) night of doing our paper route. Two years and roughly 130k papers later, we've had enough. We'll be able to sleep the night through instead of rising at 1:30am for 2 hours of late night (early morning?) deliveries. I've only just realized how it has severely curtailed my knitting. When you're averaging 5-6 hrs of sleep a night, knitting can get interesting.

I've made progress on the sherbet cardi for my soon-to-be-six niece. The back and fronts are complete. Now it's on to the sleeves. Microspun is wonderfully soft, but rather a pain to work with since it splits so easily. But it'll be worth it to see her realize she and her doll now have matching sweaters.

Gave Pam the little sweater & hat for her newest boy, Christopher. Mexicali Baby Ole. She absolutely loved it and had been secretly been hoping I would make him a hat. Now I just need to get the little kimono sweater over to our other niece for her firstborn.

Kim & I have a 10-mile walk tomorrow morning. PortlandFit. I've decided to pass on the Portland Marathon this year since I haven't been doing all of my training and my right foot is not doing great. I'm thinking 10 is the longest I'll go this year. I don't feel up to doing the 15, 18 and 21 mile walks this summer. When you average 3.75 mph, the longer walks really add up to long-a** times to be out on the roads. Besides, when she leaves for Chicago, who am I going to walk with?

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