March 11, 2008


Another quick update (I know! TWICE in the same week!)

Knitting: I've cast on for a pair of Pomatomus socks from Knitty. I'm using stashed yarn:

Shepherd Sock in River

I'm working on the first sock and I've finished the 2nd repeat of the pattern on the leg. I started into the heel and I somehow managed to lose a stitch. It's not dropped but I managed to still lose it. I'm debating ripping back the 3 inches I've knit to re-do the heel or just adding a stitch to bring it back to the count I need.

Now that I type this, I know I'm going to rip. There's a bit of a hole where the problem occurred and it would be a bigger hassle to work around it. I'm thinking of gifting these and have a person in mind and it would be better to do it right.

Ravelry: I have been sucked into the wonder that is Ravelry's stash notebook. I've loaded quite a bit of stash in there - mostly the good stuff, certainly not all of the acrylics. It has an export button to send my stash out to XL and I did. I've determined I really, really need to 1) knit from stash and 2) clear out the crap. I have over 19 miles of yarn - and remember, not everything is listed.

Now my stash is certainly not as big as what others have, but it is spurring me on to get it under control and organized. Or at least get rid of the stuff I don't want. Or intend to use.

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