February 25, 2008

At least my knitting's not affected

I'm wrapping up lunch at work. And trying to keep lunch down simultaneously. I've had an upset stomach for the last couple of hours and it's just not settling down. I'm going to give it another hour before I head home.

I've been trying to kick a cough for the last few weeks. I had a nasty cold at the end of January that sidelined me from working out and since then I've been unable to shake the cough. I finally woke up this morning without the congestion and am hopeful to get into the gym on Wednesday.

In the meantime, here's what I've been doing:

Knitted KittyJenn's custom gloves

A knitted kitty in Bernet Soft Boucle for a baby shower gift. The mom is one of the small group leaders for my Monday night bible study. She's due in about 4 weeks and we're having a surprise shower for her tonight. I used a size 5 circular. I think I'll make another, but double the yarn up. I can't embroider a face on this kitty to save my life for some reason, so a faceless cat it is.

The gloves are for a different small group leader. Jenn had mentioned having trouble finding gloves to fit her long fingers. I had her trace her hands and voila! Custom gloves! Of course, not that it's in the 50's she doesn't need them, but hey, she's ready for next year. Knit in Rauma Babygarn with size 2 needles. I used just over a skein to make both gloves. When I say just over, I dipped into the second skein for only the thumb. I have the 2nd skein and another in cream that I may try do to Endpaper mitts with.

Oh, and I've been spending time on Ravelry. I finally understand the time suck aspects.

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