April 13, 2007

Giving her a second chance

I was checking over my list of books and the actual entries I've managed to blog this year and noticed I'd forgotten a book to include in the sidebar (War Reporting for Cowards). I've also managed to read a couple of Patricia Cornwell books this week.

I read the Scarpetta series as they came out, but stopped shortly after beginning Unnatural Exposure. I'd lost interest in Kay and felt a little like the series had jumped the shark. But I'm re-reading since I do want to finish the series, or at least get caught up.

So I picked up Postmortem this week and have finished it and will have Body of Evidence completed tonight. I'll start All That Remains this weekend. I enjoy the science side, the mystery of who and why and the discovery of the who and the determination of the why. I'm looking forward to re-examining Kay's relationship with Lucy and what I think of Cornwell's handling of relationships. I do feel like there are some stereotypes going on, but I'm trying to just enjoy.

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Carolyn said...

I LOVE that your blog is about knitting AND books! I'm always looking for great anecdotal recommendations. Have you or your kids read the Philip Pullman series? (Golden Compass, etc.)?