January 10, 2007

Tired of being Physically Phffft

I'm getting back on the WW wagon. I'm tracking again on my PDA, trying to watch my portions, choosing broth based soups over creamier options. I need to add more veggies and do better on my water, but I am making progress!

I started the year at 199. Not my all-time high, but too close for comfort. Or comfortable clothes.

I've managed to drop 3 lbs and I'm contemplating a yoga class at the Y with a friend. She's making it easy by offering her free passes to try it out. I know I need to say yes.

After reading about http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ at Rachael's blog, I've found some walking routes around my house that keep me on sidewalks or wide sidestreets for 1.5 to 3 miles. That will be easier to do once spring and summer roll around. It's tough to get out when it's dark when you get up and when you come home.

I'm knitting again, too. Took a few days break and have only completed some Natalya gauntlets for Erin. I've picked through my stash and I'm knitting the 5-hr Baby Sweater again for one of 4 babies that are due in the next 3 months. I'm using some leftover lilac Red Heart for this one for a little girl due in just 3 weeks. I'll probably do the Baby Kimono from MDK's book, too.

On the reading front, I'm reading The Devil in the White City. It's caught my interest and kept it with the descriptions of Chicago and the people during the time frame of the 1893 World's Fair. I hadn't known of the serial killer using the fair as a hunting ground (don't think they mentioned that aspect in history class), and I'm finding it fascinating.

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haze said...

I started with WW again too. I gained 2 lbs my first week. I have had issues with the on-the-go pda software and gave up on it. Good luck to you!!