December 13, 2006

Christmas To Do List

  1. Ship out Kim's Christmas box o' stuff
  2. Ship M&D's Christmas box o' stuff by 12/16
  3. Wrap Erin's last gift
  4. Wrap Rob's last gifts
  5. Finish buying for Rob's stocking
  6. Buy lottery scratch-its for all stockings (except Kim's - sorry!)
  7. Go to Jaminga and buy Kruz' shirt
  8. Find pattern to make black beanie with flames to go with Kruz' shirt
  9. Do finish work (seams, ends, buttons) on Miss K's sweater
  10. Find dress or pants/shirt combo to coordinate with Miss K's sweater
  11. Go to Beacock's music for Samantha's gift
  12. Buy beads to begin knitting on Samantha's other gift
  13. Determine the best gift for Katie J
  14. Buy beads to begin knitting on Katie's other gift
  15. Block out Karen's scarf to give on Monday
  16. Work on Raye & Bonnie's gift to have ready by Christmas Eve
  17. Get tree and trim it
  18. Send out cards to family and friends (this makes a regular appearance on the to-do, but rarely happens!)
  19. Buy gift card for kid's mom & stepdad
  20. Make cookies
  21. Clean house for after-Christmas visit by sister and girls
  22. Take Sean out for birthday dinner
  23. Check if I'm a great-aunt yet for the 5th time (Rob's family)

So I figure on getting some of this done this week, but we'll just have to see how well I do since I did nothing to make a dent in it last night. Instead I read Linda Howard's Now You See Her and finished it.

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