September 01, 2005

Give a little bit

As I read the stories coming out in the aftermath of Katrina, I'm increasing grateful for the area I live in. We don't have hurricanes, earthquakes are rare, tornados even more so. Yes, I have an active volcano in my backyard, but I don't have to endure feet of snow in the winter, high humidity in the summer, bugs the size of birds whether flying or crawling. The Northwest is known, and perhaps reviled in places, for the constant rain in fall, winter and spring, but it's cleansing, we're green nearly year-round and it smells good.

But when things happen to make you grateful for what you still have while others have lost everything but their lives, you want to do what you can.

All around the blog, people are urging others to donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund. Do it.

And then go a step further and head to your local Red Cross and donate - time, blood, plasma, blood products.

What am I doing? I have an appointment Sunday in the Apheresis unit to donate platelets and other blood products. I go on average once every 2-3 months. I was just there in mid-August and I'm stepping up again. And I'll schedule my next appointment while I'm there.

Give thanks for what you still have. And then give what you have.

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