August 30, 2005

Gripe, pain, relief

Gripe - Working to finish the hoodie for Erin and it's eeeennnnndddddlllleeeesssssss. Sleeve Island? Wish I was there. I'm stuck in Seaming Hell. Remind me to take a picture tonight, won't you? The hood's attached, the sleeves set in and I only have to seam the underarms and sides. And weave in the myriad of ends.

OK, that doesn't sound bad. But add in Erin's constant "Are you going to finish this before the weekend? When will it be finished? Are you almost done?" and I just want to wrap a #8 circular around her neck.

Pain - Aunt Flo has arrived for a visit and with each passing year, she gets crankier. So during this latest visit, I'll be relying on my good friend Ty(lenol) to help me through this. And if Ty bails on me, I'm moving on to Mike('s Hard Lemonade).

Relief - Not mine. Theirs. Join in the fun of knitting (or crocheting!) for a good cause and participate in Dulaan 2006.

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