July 04, 2005

Make yourself comfortable, it's been awhile

Picture heavy post ahead!

Mom left on June 29th for San Diego. The weekend prior, Sis 1 of 2 came down with her girls. We decided to have a July birthday party for Mom (3rd), me (6th) and Samantha (29th).

We had cake, wore crowns had fun.
July birthday cakeQueen Mum4Sam with cake

Everyone left on Tuesday, and Wednesday night our water heater threw up. We'd hoped to be able to deal with it on the weekend, but no way. Rob & I stayed home on Thursday and tried to clean up the mess. You can see that we had to remove some of the sheet rock. Luckily, the linoleum extended under the carpet in our closet and we just have to deal with cleaning it.

But we did get a new water heater out of it and gained a little plumbing experience. Gotta find the upside right?

Arrgh! Horrible mess 2 Ewww!End result Ahhh!New Best friend

And an upside is also that I finally sent my Dulaan knits. I sent the 3 hats, 2 vests, 1 sweater and 1 scarf shown here. The scarf was a started by niece Samantha who did the first 5 or 6 inches and I finished it for her. I also managed to get another couple of hats banged out one evening.

Rob got them sent out for me and my procrastination cost us, but it's worth it.

Dulaan 2 and Dulaan hats

So now what to do? I've got a hoodie to make for Erin from the new FCEK (the only pattern in there that caught my eye), socks for 3 people, a lace scarf for a friend using the Paws to Remember pattern from FiberTrends, the Shoalwater shawl also from FT, a baby blanket in blue Crayon from Knitpicks, a couple of doll sweaters for Samantha and find something to make for myself. I'm thinking socks at this point.

The weight loss is going slowly but positively. I'm down 10 pounds, but I need to add some walking. I'm so lazy that I just want to knit, I don't want to give up time to other things. But if I don't then I'm hurting myself in the long run.

Short term weight goal: Hit my 10% by Labor Day. Only 9 more pounds to go.

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