May 05, 2005

Go Me!

I am my own cheerleader.

Well, not really. I'm more dance team or pep band than cheerleader. Although, I'll cop to watching cheer competitions on ESPN (oooh, they dropped her! THAT's gonna leave a mark)

Anyhoo, I weighed in yesterday and I'm down again. Yee haw! I'm now at 190 and have dropped 7.6 lbs over 3 weeks. Makes me feel better since I didn't feel like I'd done well staying on plan. But apparently 3rd time's a charm and it's starting to sink in.

If I keep going at this rate, I'll reach my 10% goal by, hmmm, today's the 5th, my goal is 19, add my age, subtract the number of times I've done WW and divide the pie to share and let's see, the 2nd week of June? That would beat my time goal of end of July to lose 20 lbs.

Not too shabby.

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