April 30, 2005

I dream of Gina with short brown hair

Lookie! Finally got my hair cut after a couple of years.
Gina's hair 3

It was nice to get it cut off. Yeah, I've had the cut before and didn't really go in for anything different, but I thought it would be a nice start. I can go shorter in another couple of months and shoot for a different style then.

I've also been going to WeightWatchers with Rebecca. So far I've lost 4.6 pounds, so not too bad. The goal is to lose 5 a month since that's nice and safe. That should also get me to my 10% goal by the end of July. I'm happy to have Rebecca and Karen to hold me accountable. Otherwise, I'd be blowing the whole weight issue off.

Brother brought by the new nephew, Kruz. Here's Nanny holding her new grandson while on the phone with Grandpa.
Nanny with Kruz

He's already grown so much! He's over a month old now and a total sweetie. And Sis, here's evidence that Art's actually taking an active role in his care.
Art making bottle

Yeah, I've been knitting on the KP blanket, but I've got nothing I want to show. I only have 9 more days to finish it and turn it in. AAAGHHHHH!

But other than that, I'm OK.

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