March 09, 2005

Catching up

I've been busy, yes, I have. I finished the pair of socks (after ripping the toe back on the first one to get the length right). I've got Cotton Classic purchased for the niece's requested vest and I'm getting read to swatch for it. I'm using this book since I didn't find any specific pattern I liked enough to use. And I'm using the ruffle from this book for the edging.

I was in training yesterday and continuing today for the 7 Habits. I'm finding it interesting to see what I thought were my competencies and how others viewed them. And it's coming at a time when I'm assessing what I'm doing with my life right now.

I enjoy people, have been told I'm a good listener, that I'm the rock of my family. I'm striving to become stronger in my faith and my walk, to trust God more, to encourage those around me. I want to find my place.

So is my place in one where I nurture? I'm not sure I want to have people bringing their problems to me to solve, but as a friend pointed out, everyone needs someone to listen to them and hug them and tell them that it's OK. I once took a test in my bible study that points out where your ministry gifts are strongest. If I remember correctly, my highest was in Mercy. I'm thinking about doing it again (online?) to help me with this.

After all, my place may be in different places at the same time. I'm where I am right now because God placed me here for a purpose. My job, my department? I serve a purpose there that I'm reconnecting with, trying to enjoy and take further (although there's no other department in this place I'd ever want to move to. Or manage for that matter). My family? I also serve a purpose there in His plan. My study group? He has a purpose for me to be with this group, learning from specific women and encouraging me to step beyond my comfort level. I've learned more than I could have expected because of that.

So, I have some answers and lots of questions. We'll see where I head from here.

Have a good day! (I'll try to post some of the pictures I took of spring arriving here at my house - It was 72F yesterday!)

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