February 27, 2005

Grandma Lucy, meds, and knitting

Grandma Lucy
Rob's Grandma Lucy passed away this last Monday after nearly 97 (!) years on this earth. She was a lovely woman who took a lot of pleasure in her family and saw 4 generations spring from her genes. She was a tough little cookie with a soft heart. She raised her two girls on her own after her divorce, learned to drive in her 60's and was living on her own (in a little house behind the home of her daughter Netha) until her early 90's.

While her family misses her already, there's a lot of smiling going on. Stories are being passed down, favorite memories shared and these generations left behind are thankful for the knowledge that Lucy is with her God and Saviour and preparing a place for the rest of us.

The Meds
A few weeks ago I had a lovely cold that left in its wake the inability to speak more than 2 sentences without loss of breath or a major coughing fit. Chewing on cherry cough drops helped (I can't help but chew. I do the same with Lifesavers, Tootsie Roll pops and any other hard candy).

OK, I can deal with that. I'll keep a few cough drops with me at all times, especially on Saturday since we'd be in Tillamook for Lucy's memorial service and then in Salem for the burial. Lots of knitting time on Saturday, right?

Well, Friday night I woke up with the *worst* earache I've had in a long, long time. For two hours, I tried T*lenol and heat to get rid of the pain and finally fell back to sleep around 3am. Now, I don't get sick too often so this was a major issue. At 7:30a on Saturday, Rob and the kids departed for Tillamook and at 9am I parked myself at Kaiser to await the opening of Urgent Care.

Apparently my lovely cold decided to impart one more gift: a nasty ear infection requiring antibiotics to get rid of it. That would explain why my head felt stuffed with cotton on the right side, why the swab didn't feel good after a shower and why I was still tired! Hmmph.

The Knitting
So I wasn't able to knit in the car for all those hours as I'd originally planned. I did manage 45 minutes in the car waiting for Urgent Care to open (at 10am apparently) and then the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. I worked on the sock below.

Now, I've taken a sock class and from it made a pair of socks that took approximately 1 year to make. The class was in Feb or March and I made the first sock for that class. The second sock didn't get made until the following January on a trip to Fresno for my Gramma Maria's funeral.

The second pair of socks were made (and documented back on 2/13) to go with the little baby hat I'd made.

I'm hoping to get the mate done for this by the end of the week. Have to, in fact. I have a baby sweater for Kruz to make (his arrival date in 3/14) and a yellow vest with buttons for Katherine's birthday (3/29).

After these are done, it's All Dulaan, All the Time here at Chez Woolbright. Daughter Erin's going to be knitting, friend Rebecca will be crocheting and the 3 of us are going to be cranking out items to send.

I feel a craft day coming on.

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