August 01, 2004

Yarn love

We got back late last night from Ellensburg. My niece thoroughly enjoyed knowing she and her doll had matching sweaters. Granted, it was 90-something degrees so pictures of the two in their sweaters would have been cruel, but I did manage to remember to get the FO photo this time. I just need to figure out how to post it.

I was working out my gauges for my two current WIPs and the 3-year-old wanted to see my yarn. She fell in love with the green Brown Sheep wool I had and has demanded a short sleeve sweater with buttons. Since the yarn was already promised to another project, we went to the only LYS in Ellensburg, Yellow House Knitting & Spinning. My sister wasn't even aware of it, not that she should be since she is a scrapbooker, not a knitter. But Miss Katherine found a bright green Cascade 220 she loved. There were only 2 skeins and she hugged the green to her like it was her baby doll. So one green sweater coming up.

I also bought two skeins in a grey/cream colorway for socks for DH. He's been wanting some and prefers subtlety in his socks. That's OK; I have bright green socks planned as a gift for someone else and they'll make up for the plainness of his.

We also stopped at Half-Price books on the way home. DH found a couple of sci-fi while I got a Nevada Barr and two knitting books (Debbie Bliss All-season cotton and a kids knitwear book). Not a bad weekend at all.

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