December 21, 2008

A knitting FO and some weather

First, the good news: I finished the Christmas stocking.

Gigi's finished stocking 3Gigi's stocking back

Mailed it out to Chicago so that Miss G could have her first Christmas with a handknit stocking made by Auntie Gina. Knit on Denise size 8s with Wintuck and Red Heart yarns. Gingerbread boys are knit in Reynolds Utopia and the faces used the Red Heart. Red gumdrop buttons and the string of candy and the other little candies are miniature ornaments from JoAnn's.

Since I mailed it out, we had a little bit of snowfall that melted quickly in Vancouver.
Small pine and snow

But since that early snowfall this past week, we had a bit more yesterday:
Front porch2

Definitely not as much as one sister was expecting in Central Washington (12 inches!), but this morning we had a coating of ice as well.
Icy world

Not what we wanted since Mom was driving up from San Diego. I tried to get out of PDX yesterday to fly to Sacramento and drive up the rest of the way with her, but had my flight cancelled due to Southwest's lack of working de-icers. Mom figured she'd then spend the night at her sister's home and drive up today.

Instead, she kept driving and ended up at my brother's home in Gladstone at 2am. She did stop along the way to put on chains and she'll drive the rest of the way to our house today. It's only a 30-minute drive in good weather, so it'll probably take twice that today.

But it sure is pretty when you don't need to go out.
Ice blossom3

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Janelle said...

Hi Gina! Hi Jenny! Jenny, you have a beautiful head (and heart) and I think ya look great. A little cwazy, but great. Gina, your Christmas stocking is just adorable. Love your blog. We just canceled our trip to Iowa, will go in a couple weeks instead. Merry Christmas! Janelle