January 02, 2008

Let's recap 2007, shall we? Part 1: The Knits

Here it is, January again. Time to remember a new year when I write the date, to start new knitting and reading lists, to get serious about tracking my progress on changing my fitness habits.

So, let's recap the 2007 knitting:
16 Dishcloths: knit in Peaches & Cream and in Lion Cotton for various birthdays, for Mom, for a friend for Christmas. Knit in squares and circles on size 6 and size 8 needles. Gifted with soap when for a birthday.

Top Down Anime Hat (Cotton Classic in Yellow): knit and I still have it, ready to gift to the right person.

Shedir, Calmer #476 Coral: knit to cover my head after I'd shaved it for St. Baldrick's. By the time I'd finished it, I had hair again, but I still love it and would knit it again.

SuperHero Cape for Kruz. Knit in red Bernat and fun. I'd make it again for a child who wants to be a superhero.

Fingerless Gloves for Rob. Knit in a brown Galway worsted weight wool. Rob uses them, loves them and keeps them handy. Just what a knitter wants to see.

Sweater for Baby Martin. A little pullover knit in Sirdar Snuggly DK in Lilac for a little girl joining three older brothers. Loved by mom and put to use immediately.

Flower Basket Shawl. Knit using KP Alpaca Cloud in Tide Pool and donated for a silent auction. I think about knitting another one, bigger for myself.

Simple hat for Rob. Knit in a beautiful Manos yarn, it's his go-to hat when he steps out the door.

Baby hat and a 5-Hr Baby Sweater knit in Lilac Red Heart yarn for a new baby girl for a co-worker. Enjoyed and worn!

Natalya gauntlets for Erin. Knit in red sock yarn held doubled for the thickness I wanted. She loves and uses them, so a success!

Pink Nostalgic cardigan in Red Heart for niece Khylee. Knit on size 6 needles for her October birthday, but not finished until December. Auntie's a lame-O on this one. And she didn't much care for it. Bleah.

Tiny red sweater ornament. Made for an ornament exchange and loved. I immediately had requests for more. Looks like this will be a stash buster for 2008.

Scarves for nieces Samantha and Khylee and for new BIL Tony. Knit in Red Heart/TLC and Snuggly and TLC for the girls. A variegated and a solid held doubled with a slit to pull a crocheted flower through that held the ends together. Tony's was knit in navy Encore with a K2P2 rib that has a mock cable on the K2 rib. Looks like plain ribbing on one side, cabled on the other. Just right for Chicago winters.

Two Coffee Cozies knit in Debbie Bliss Merino DK with size 5 needles. One done in pink with a mock cable and the other a simple rib decorated with a couple of ribbon flowers I had on hand.

Two white and blue hats are knit in Cruz Azul colors for someone who works with Mom. Knit in Bernat Baby Soft on size 4s. I used the basic patterns out of Ann Budd's Knitters Handy Book of Patterns.

A big blanket for Samantha from the picture she drew for her birthday blanket. Knit with size 17s using Caron yarns held doubled.

A 2nd Pirate hat, knit for a friend of Erin's and gifted in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Knit with Wool-Ease on size 5's, it's more of a beanie type of hat.

A Star Wars hat for Erin as a Christmas gift. Knit on size 5s in black and blue Wool-Ease.

A crocheted apron as a gift in cotton for a gardener. My first all-crocheted project. Not too shabby and received with a big smile.

Some handwarmers in red superwash wool from Last Minute Handknit Gifts for someone who was excited to get them just before going to Victoria for a half marathon.

A cashmere and silk scarf knit from a kit purchased at Stitch & Pitch. Finished and gifted to a deserving friend.

A pair of Mrs Beeton's for a Christmas gift for a friend who immediately put them on and started fussing with them. She recognized one of the yarns as the one used to knit her Icarus shawl.

So 42 items made in 2007. And I'm so bad at taking pictures that I have documented only a few! Must. Get. Better.


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