January 04, 2008

Getting My Move On

2008 has dawned and I have yet to make it into the gym this year. Rob & I joined a gym around Thanksgiving when I realized I couldn't make any more excuses. It was past time for me to do something for myself and just spend the money. Watching the Biggest Loser this past season may have had something to do with that as well.

This new year has yet to see me go in.

But I am determined to make this year different. Mom & I have decided to take on the Portland Marathon this year. This will make it Mom's 3rd? 4th? time doing Portland and my 2nd since 2003. That first year I walked and my time was 8 hours and something. This year I want to do a run/walk and anything better than 8 hours will be great. I say that now, we'll see what goal comes about later.

So, I have determined that my time on the treadmill will be spent bringing up my madd running skillz from non-existent to - well - existent. Gradually adding running time while decreasing the walking time. Building stamina, eventually building speed. But most of all, just moving.

I want to drop the weight I've been carrying for the last 9 years. I can't call it baby weight since I've never had kids. It's lazy weight, pure and simple. And who knows? It might be why we've never been able to concieve (regardless of what my doctor told me).

And along with the moving comes the eating. Rob & I don't eat horribly. But we could - and will - do better. I'm going to need to balance my need for frugality for spending more on healthier options. Explain to me why it's more expensive to take care of myself with good-for-me food and exercise? Can't there be a discount for doing the right thing when it's time to fork over the money?

I'm planning to motivate the running with my new gadget - the main gift under the tree for me from Rob:

8G iPod Red

Isn't it purty? It's loaded only with podcasts at the moment, but I'll be adding some music later today and spending my $15 iTunes gift card.

Let's see - have motivation, have goals, have tunes. Yep, I should be able to make some progress!

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