August 01, 2007

July 2007 recap

It's the first of August and time to take a look at what I accomplished last month:

Books I read (16)
Dying to Decorate: Not bad. I expected more of a mystery with dead bodies rather than a mystery with secrets. Christian lit and if this becomes a series, I'll probably read those, too.

Grave Secrets: Interesting read, but several different threads rather than one large rope. Not the best I've read of her series so far.

If the Shoe Fits: Christian Lit found at the library. Different for me as it comes from the viewpoint of a black woman. There were some things I had to re-read in order to get an understanding that I'm sure would be apparent to someone else. I still enjoyed it and the author has another series that I'm interested in finding.

Death of a Domestic Diva: All right. Definitely a cosy mystery, but I didn't feel like I'd gotten a good background on some of the characters to round them out for their importance to the main character.

Sleeping with Fear: Read this to try to finish up Kay Hooper's Bishop series (there are still a couple I need to read). I used to have a number of them, but decided they were books I'd rather borrow than own. Still feel that way since they have a paranormal element.

Cry No More: I enjoy Linda Howard, but this one was . . . meh. I prefer when I can identify with her characters or they just flat out make me laugh. This one, not so much. Actually, not at all.

Paradise Lost: I've read JA Jance before (a single book long, long ago) but it was for the JP Beaumont series. This one is from her Joanna Brady series and I've found a new series to collect. Enjoyable, realistic characters, good storyline and I wasn't tempted to set it aside for other books. Yay! Thanks local library!

Life Support: I'd heard Tess Gerritsen books were good. This is early on in her career and I'll check out another from the library to see if I enjoy it. Seemed a little slow in some spots and I was seriously tempted to just skip sections to get to the end. Glad I stuck it out, but want a second taste to clarify her style for my tastes.

Owl's Well That Ends Well: Donna Andrews. Meg Langdon series. Love Donna. Her books do what Cry No More (see above) didn't do for me.

Bare Bones: Another Reichs book. This was a re-read to get me caught up on the books I own so far in the series. A decision on her love life (left hanging in Grave Secrets), some interesting info on the black market animal trade, and just an enjoyable read. Time for a trip to Powell's and the next book.

Murder with Mirrors: A Miss Marple book I have owned but haven't read. Dame Christie is wonderful. If not a little short when compared to today's books.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Some I expected, some I didn't. The last chapter, the epilogue, was rather a let down. I expected more. The series started as a children's book, built up to be more than that in each subsequent book, but that last chapter felt like a return to a childrens book. Still enjoyed it, but . . . .

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Started the series over again.

Nemesis: Dame Agatha Christie. Have had this book for a long time as well. Definitely from a different time and place, but I could easily see how some things remain the same.

Knitting I finished (not a whole lot, I'm afraid)
10 dishclothes of various colors and patterns. Peaches & Cream, Lion Brand Cotton in various colors.

1 baby sweater

1/4 of a blanket for my niece. Well, technically, I didn't finish this. It's still a WIP, not an FO.

What's upcoming for August?
Finishing the niece's blanket
A second Pirate hat
Harry Potter books 4-6 if possible
Finding software or building a database myself for our bible study ministry group
Getting prepped for the Fall study while finishing up the Summer study
Finding ideas for Winter and Spring studies
Four meetings/training sessions for our leadership team
Getting started on my prep work for the October women's event ticket sales
Increased visibility at work with upcoming products and technologies and subsequent management of those programs
Oh yeah, 20 year high school reunion.

Pray for me.

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Amy Lu said...

You are one ambitious woman! A list like that could send me into a coma for a week! :o)

And then I kept reading...

You are so brave! Wow! And you look great bald! There aren't many people that can claim that!

Have you seen the movie Miss Potter? Here's a quote I think is appropriate:

"I am prepared to like you very much!"

(OK, it's better in the movie, but seriously, you have a great blog!)