December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

It's after 5pm here in Vancouver. Rob & The Boy went to see Night at the Museum. Erin's at her mom's. I'm home at the computer.

Erin had her wisdom teeth out Friday and has been doing well enough to not need much V*cadin for the pain. She's been taking half doses if it gets to be more than ibuprofen can handle.

We met last night at one of the BIL's homes for the annual Christmas Eve gathering for Rob's side. Low key, fun and we got home around 10:30pm. Stayed up until midnight and opened our gifts. Normally, we'd wait until morning but with Erin heading over to her mom's before 7am we opted to get the midnight jump on the holiday.

My Christmas knitting is almost done. I still need to finish Kruz' hat, but I finished Miss K's sweater today (only needed the seaming). I'll post a picture of their gifts later.

The hats for Misses S & K are done. Here they are in the almost done stage. Knit in Debbie Bliss Merino DK using the Odessa pattern from Grumperina.

Miss S will get the purple hat and Miss K will get the pink hat. A fun knit and one that I would do again.
Well, off to watch Neat and try to finish the Christmas knitting before the day is officially over.

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