October 04, 2006

Have I mentioned I know how to read?

It's National Book Month! It's also Mystery Series Week! I do love me a good mystery - a good resource is Stop! You're Killing Me! and this new link to Overbooked.

I've been keeping track of the books I read in a year (I'm a little geeky that way) and I find myself selecting mysteries and women's fiction. I prefer the "women's fiction" title much better than romance even though the authors are found in that section of the bookstore. I've found that I don't pick up just any book anymore in that genre - I've gotten pickier, found it harder to relate to the some of the situations and, well, just grown out of some of it.

So I find some authors I read over and over (Nora Roberts *immediately* comes to mind) and new ones that get me excited like Kathy Reichs. You know, I came across her books in Costco a few years ago and passed on it then. I guess I'm ready for her now. And it doesn't hurt that I love to watch Bones which is based on her and her character.

I keep a list of authors I want to read (note to self - tranfer list to PDA), have a stack of books by the bed that are next to read (it's at about 8-10 books right now), love to visit the library, want to get Nancy Pearl's books (ok I want to *be* Nancy Pearl when I grow up) and continually think I don't have enough bookshelves. I really don't, you know. I have books currently in stacks on the floor in our bedroom.

When I was trying to figure out a name for this blog, I wanted to incorporate my two loves - books and knitting. The knitting is recent (less than 5 years) but no less powerful in the impact to my well-being. Both allow me to escape from stress and pressures, both provide pleasure in the doing and the giving, both are spread in nearly every room of the house.

So what to name the blog? Well, after really thinking it over and changing the name from the original Just One More, to the short-lived Yarn and Books = Happiness, Yarn Pig made more sense and appealed to me.

Hmmmm. Long story short? It's National Book Month! Make an author happy - Read a book!

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