July 01, 2006

Pictures to make it up to you

To start, yes I have been knitting. These were the most recent - baby bonnets. The pink on the left was made with Erin's pattern from LB Microspun. The one on the right is Tahki Cotton Classic noodled together from other patterns with simple eyelet pattern.

bonnets 2

I did add ribbon to both hats, pale pink for the pink bonnet and hot pink for the white.

We (I) had plans to work in the yard this weekend. Clear out beds, lay down weed fabric, plant some shrubs. Draw up plans for a pergola-like thing down the west side of the house. I'll still do some of that, but it's not going to be as fun since we can't pack the Forester up. Erin had a slight accident:

Erin's accident 1

Hit on the passenger side of our only (!) car while going to her Mom's to pick up more stuff. We live in Vancouver, her mom lives in SE Portland so this was the furthest Erin had driven by herself since getting her license.

It doesn't look like much until I explain that the other 3 tires are actually straight. This tire is pushed in and angled. Insurance had the car towed to a reputable shop and we'll hear from them on Monday. In the meantime, we have a lovely Neon from Enterprise.

On an upnote:


Don't you love a kid who enjoys his meals?

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