January 22, 2006

I've had a whopper of a cold this week. Work hasn't been helping either and I've had to wear my bite plate to control my ear pain. I'm finally on the mend, though. The garbage isn't as full of snot rags as before and my cough is slowing down.

Charity KnittingI have been getting little knitting done on the train. As you can see (or maybe not), there are 3 hats and 2.5 scarves done. These are going into my charity knitting box to be split between Dulaan and my church group. The black/white stuff is Homespun-like stuff (could be Homespun, could be Light-N-Lofty, I've lost the bands), the red/black set is Red Heart acrylic and so is the turquoise/lime combo. All of it came out of my leftovers bin.

Boy, that black and white set just doesn't looks like much of anything, does it? Actually, it all looks kind of bad. No, the ends are not yet woven in, no, I didn't take the picture near any natural light, and no, I don't really care right now. And why no, I haven't showered yet, why do you ask?

Baby blanket almost doneI've been saving my home-time knitting for this instead. Still slaving away on this baby blanket.

The rows are going faster since I get to decrease every other row. But with 136 stitches to begin with between markers, it has been feeling like slow going.

I am determined to finish this today.
I will get it washed today.
I will gift it tomorrow.

Power of positive thinking, right?

Well, at least I've got something to positively look forward to: Chicago! Southwest is running cheap fares (DING!) and the sis has a 3 day weekend in February, so I'm heading out.

Better start planning my plane knitting . . . .

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