November 18, 2005

Well, crap.

Remember back in April when my Honda was vandalized?

Well, it's November now and the difference between then and now?
Missing hood

Same thing done to the inside - the instrumentation panel with all of the gauges, something from the passenger side since the carpet has been pulled up. But hey! The Club was still in place!

So, Rob & I stayed home yesterday - he's called the police, the service center, the insurance company and anyone else who would listen and I worked from home.

This comes on top of the news Wednesday that Rob's oldest has officially been expelled from his high school. Long story short: Expelled, community service, fines, random drug tests.

On the upside of life, I'll get a new car, I just finished a felted hat for KnitPicks and we managed to find our 24 lb turkey for Thanksgiving and only spent $50 at the grocery store!

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