November 03, 2005

Finding pleasure in loss, pleasure in gain

So in my last post I went on about how I was stagnating with the weight loss and generally just not feeling the WW love. Well, apparently tracking everything like it was my first week on plan worked!

I hit my 10% goal. Yep, I lost just over 4 lbs last week and I'm at a grand total of 19.6 lost and weigh in at 178 even! I'd figured on taking the month of November to lose those pounds, but apparently I put myself on the fast track somehow. Really, I just think it was the carrot dangled before me - K, R & I couldn't have our monthly Popeye's lunch unless K & I reached our goals. K still needs to lose 7 pounds to reach her final weight loss goal.

Any hoo, feeling pretty good that I only had 4 pieces of candy Halloween night (they were the teeny tiny little mini bars that are more like hints of candy than actual candy). I'm going to treat myself to some new pants.

In knitting news, I'm going to be knitting a new project for KnitPicks. There's a deadline of 11/18 and it's completely doable. I'll take pics once I pick up the stuff and get going.

Here's some yarny goodness for you:
Socktober socks 1

I actually did finish my Socktober socks before the end of October. I took the picture Halloween night, but didn't post until now and I'm such a slacker, I still need to update Lolly.

More knitting progress:
Mitten Mania
Mittens for the nieces! I'm using Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns and (bad auntie) I'm using acrylic. BUT in my defense, I must state that knowing my sister as I do she will appreciate washable items more than handwash. Yes, yes, I've heard of superwash wool and it's crossed my mind to get some and knit another pair. I have given this a little thought and I'm thinking of lining them with fleece. We'll see.

Did I mention I've also recently bought yarn?
Clog yarnbaby hats

The stuff on top is to knit clogs for Rob and Erin. KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Evergreen for Rob and in Mist and Coal for Erin. The stuff below is a pumpkin hat kit to knit for Kruz for next year and fun fruity baby hats for any baby that happens along. The baby stuff came courtesy of Busy Hands Yarn. They even included a hand written note with my stuff thanking me for buying from them. Nice people.

Yes, yes, this is the last of it:
2 patterns and my yarn

Two Heartstrings patterns and yarn. Sis 2 of 2 has been after me to make something for myself. I have some EcoWool, some Lorna's Laces in River (the light blue skein in the masthead above), some Socks that Rock in the Carbon colorway (barely visible above as well). I've added the KnitPicks Shine in Orchid to the pile. I was going to make a Picovoli but now I'm leaning towards Marnie in HotKnits (Look in the table of contents). Kim, thoughts?

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