August 11, 2005

Shout out from the G-Dogg*

Lots of things have happened since I last posted and there are pictures so sit down awhile.

Last Wednesday, La Harlot was in Portland and I spent a very enjoyable evening listening to her speak, chatting with other knitters, and working on Erin's hoodie.

Here, Stephanie is preparing to blog about Powells. You can actually see me in one of the pictures in her entry about her Portland visit - In the second photo of the knitters gathered to hear her, I'm in the second row wearing the short-sleeved turquoise shirt with the silver camera blogging her right back.

She was witty, charming and delightfully Canadian in her speech. But standing in her Birks and holding her coffee? She looked like a native.

Rob and I babysat this weekend - Kruz and Khylie came for a sleepover. Saturday afternoon, Rob's brother and his wife came over and brought their grandson Aiden. Aiden and Khylie are pretty much the same age (nearly 3) and I happened to have a great craft - foam crowns decorated with foam stickers. No damage, lots o' fun.

I've been knitting pretty hard on the hoodie. 2 sleeves and the back are complete and I cast on for the front. It would be a boring photo, so I didn't bother yet.

Sunday after Khylie and Kruz went home, all was blissfully quiet in the YarnPig house. Rob was watching TV, Erin & her boyfriend were in her room playing a video game (door wide open and just down the hall!) and I was napping on the couch. The animals were snoozing. Or so we thought.

Tribble had discovered a Rite-Aid bag I'd left on our bed and decided to investigate. But did she enter the bag through the top opening? No, that would be too simple. Why do that when you could go through the handle and get the whole bag stuck around your middle?

She completely freaked out and came flying out of our room like the proverbial bat outta hell. She laid rubber doing a complete circuit around the couch that had Rob & I at first concerned at the cause and then amused when we realized what she'd done to herself. She then tore off down the hall and turned into the spare room across from Erin's door. Erin and Jason then watched her dash into the room and through the window where she proceeded to run down the street. By the time we'd all stopped giggling and realized what had happened, she was nowhere to be found. And don't worry, we live in a single-story.

We searched for about 30 minutes, warned the neighbors about a small white cat with a bag attached to it and started back into the house. Somehow, though, Tribble had managed to circle back and was hiding in the blackberry bushes next to the neighbor's house. Erin rescued her and the offending bag was cut off, but Miss T was one pissed off kitty for the next few hours.

But what we wouldn't give to have had a kitty cam attached to her for that leap through the window.

*Sis 2 of 2 renamed everyone on her phone and G-Dogg is my new name.

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