April 05, 2005

Of illness, family and the ever present knitting

I'm working on trying to get past my second major cold in the last 6 weeks. Was doing well except for the cough that wouldn't go away, but now it's clear . . . I'm sick.

I've got sinus stuff going on, the ever present cough and I'm having trouble sleeping at night even with the OTC cold medicine. However, it's not bad enough to keep me home. Major suckage.

BUT! Sis 1 of 2 now has her house back to normal. Miss Micki has exited stage right to a local assisted living home. Much better all around. Without spilling any gory details, suffice it to say that dastardly deeds were averted with this move and hopefully everyone will live happily ever after. Please God.

Sis 2 of 2 has changed the name of her blog. She's no longer Do Bee Do, but now Little buds on blooming trees. Same person, but feeling a wider range open to her through a simple name change.

Bro 1 of 1 is doing well with his new boy. His little family will be venturing north to visit Sis 1 of 2 this upcoming weekend and everyone is excited to be able to spend time with the baby.

The 'rents have begun the move to the next chapter in their lives. Dad is now in San Diego in an apartment working for the new company. Mom is at our house working and waiting until summer when she can join Dad. Looks like they'll opt to move their sailboat down to SD, but not live aboard at this time. They'll hang out in the apartment and hope the real estate bubble bursts sometime soon for them to be able to buy something.

I've started my next project (the Cotton Classic vest for my niece was a hit and I'm expecting a pic from the sis to post here). I picked up the yarn and pattern to work on a baby blanket. Wait, let me reword that. I picked up the pattern and yarn from Knit Picks to do the catalog sample they asked me to knit.

Love, love, love the yarn. It's one that will be coming out under their brand name soon and very soft. I have until May 11 to get it done, so I've got to get hopping.

More later!

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