February 06, 2005

Home alone

The post title refers to the fact that I'm by myself today despite the entire family being together. I'm not there and neither is the sweater below.

Baby Emma was born on 1/27 and I this I finished her sweater on 1/26. There was supposed to be a baby shower on 1/29, but since Emma was 2 weeks early, we didn't have the party. I'd planned to give it to her today since the entire Woolbright clan is gathered at her parents' house for the Super Bowl.

I have a horrible cold and cough going and didn't want to infect anyone, so I'm home with chicken soup and OJ and having my own little party. I've got the TV on F*x for the game and I'm working on the 'puter.

Been finally making an effort to do something about the exercise and diet thing. Sister 2 of 2 is bugging me, Dad's bugging me and a friend at work is bugging me.

So I walked on Saturday with Dad. 3.12 miles in 54 minutes. And I've started using FitWatch. Happy now?

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